Death week continues…

Its death week and I am failing epically. I just checked my bank account and I have precisely $3.13. That’s not even enough to buy a soy latte. Hipsters everywhere ring the bell on your fixie if you share my pain.
That leaves me $1.04 till pay day which will be approx 8 pm this thurs. 

Heres a story that illustrates why Kate and Mish created this page. (This is a dramatization of actual events that happened this weekend)

Mish ; Hey Kate, wanna go to the tip shop?

Kate: Hells yes!

Mish: Ok lets go! But wait, I have work so we won’t have enough time to spend all the money we don’t have. 

Kate: That sound very logical, Ok, want to go to Savers instead?

Mish: Hells yes!

Point made.

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