Around the office we have a term refer to the week before pay day. Its death week. Because not having any money for a week is very similar to being on death row. I am very confident that this is the case because I just googled death row. And this is what I found. Quote it aint no “”country club“. For realises. So next time your at your oh la la country club, just remember is not at all like DEATH ROW. They also said stuff about bars, concret floors plastic cutlery ect. However I prefer to zero in on the not like a country club part because that was also a line in a Cheryl Crow song. It went something like this,

 Hit it!

This ain’t no disco

And it ain’t no country club either,

This is L.A.

 Catchy, No?


I also found a picture of this woman. Don’t laugh at it. I am pretty sure she’s dead now.


Yes I am aware that this probably in very poor taste, but apparently, I also don’t care.


 Did I mention it’s now death week?



Don’t loose my shit and buy stuff everyday, such as lunch, chocolate, ect. (this does not include cheap wine and coffee, because that is always ok no matter how broke you are, in fact these are pivotal for maintaining your mental health, I know this because I saw an article about it on yahoo news.) After I get paid it’s ok thought because then I will have some kind money for a week and may as well enjoy it.



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