I have been super quite. Like a very tiny, tiny mouse, drunk in a tiny house made of cheese and slightly soaked in shiraz.

The Canadian in the office has confirmed my worst fear. We are in a 5 weekend pay cycle. That means 5 weekends in which to budget and fail dismally. Usually by weekend 2. This has forced me to find other ways to escape reality and my self inflicted financial state of ruin. (can you say first world problems?)

Here are some free things I have been doing.

I have been watching SEASONS of Heartbreak High. And when I say SEASONS, I mean I started at season 1 episode 1 and I have nearly finished season 6. What can I say? I love Anita and Drazic! This was, of course before Drazic had that car accident and his face because what is commonly referred to as bung eyed. Its making me yearn for the 90’s big time. Remember when your school mates used to unpick the seam on there jeans up to the knee and use a triangle of fluro faux fur to make substitute bell bottoms? Actually there was only one weirdo at school who used to do that and it was me, but I still love it in a Dylan Lewis is still on Recovery kinda way and sometimes I get a killer need to tie dye a nightie just for old times sake.

Fare Evading. I managed to weasel my way outta the latest tram fine I received. Yes I know fare evading is wrong, but I sometimes I still do it. If your one of those people who ‘do good’ and ‘deserve to be here’ it may well pacify you to know that now I actually have been sufficiently scared into purchasing tickets on public transport.

Reading Yahoo News. I know this is bad. Really bad. A slippery slope even. This is the online equivalent to watching a current affair. Now however I can actually hold a conversation with my mum without having to stifle the urge to suffocate her with a pillow when she discusses the ‘topical’ issues of our days.

Locking my keys in the car. Yes I am stupid. Lucky I have a spare set at home and have hade been successful is arranging good mates to send them my way in times of need. This is good because I have been to tight to join the RACV.

I got my hair cut. Into a bowl shape. I now bear a striking resemblance to Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber. I am very happy about this. VERY.

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