Kate, Mish, and cars that shit themselves

Recently Mish had a bit of car trouble. Basically the engine shat the bed and stopped making her van move. Now when engines stop making vans move you be assured that things are about to get costly. Trying to avoid the issue for a while didn’t help so eventually Mish took it to a mechanic. The mechanic said something really technical like, it’s fucked, it may last a year, it may last one day, it’s anyone’s guess really. But to fix will cost more than a few magic beans. To Mish, this translated to, drive away and hope for the best YAY! I believe the best lasted about 45 minutes until the engine started smoking. Realising that this probably wasn’t good, and the wreckers had previously declined the addition of her van to there yard, to the tip Mish went! Luckily she made it before the van spontaneously combusted. The tip was closed, but she left it outside with a note attached. They called her the next day to confirm that they don’t usually take cars, but occasionally it happens and it costs a mere $100 to dispose of. I believe the cheque is currently in the post.


So after Mish’s success with the van, I decided to take my car in for a service after I too had avoided it for as long as humanly possible. More or less I went to the cheapest place I could find. All went well, basic service for $149, awesome. However since then my car has been making making some strange noises. I am fairly certain that during REM sleep Freddy Krueger appeared in my dream and using my ninja skills I managed to trap him in the muffler in my car. Now the fucker wants out however and it’s causing me a fairly large degree of annoyance. My muffler is not much better and has split in the struggle to contain Freddy. I am fairly confident I can resolve both the noise issue and also keep that cunt in the muffler with good old fashioned duct tape. Sure I could go to the mechanic and have it replace but that would be admitting defeat! And did I mention the $$$$$???

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