Sorry, I am not a prostitute…yet…

Hello thought you would like to hear of an abject poverty page success story. And when I say success I mean FAIL. Lunch today was of course steak, which I shared with a work colleague. Canadian informed me today that he has very successfully spent $200 since being paid at 8pm last night. Considering we were lunching at the traditional time of 12pm, I feel this is a pretty awesome feat and deserves a big clap. As apart of his awesomeness he also offered to buy me a free lunch if I went to second base. I declined. Regretfully I have some sort of standard. I feel this is currently separating me form the beggars and prostitutes on the 86. GO STANDARDS!

Ps despite my new found fortune, I have rent +car insurance + a fine to pay + I am going to a vintage sale tomorrow. This means I am not leaving this page ever and you are all stuck with my updates form now until I sober up. Please accept my sincere apologies for this. *reaches for the Shiraz*

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