Hey there,

Just in case you were all like, WTF is up with this blog? What’s it all about? Well let me explain a few things. You see I get paid monthly. So the first 2 weeks after pay day I more or less go bat shit crazy, lulled into a false sense of security that I actually have money. Then the realization that I actually have to budget, be responsible, think about stuff like the consequence of buying whatever shit I have like from Savers

Things happen like this:  WHOOO! I have money!! I am going to eat STEAK! And drink affordable (not cheap) wine! Then eat mini cup cakes that cost more than the normal cup cakes and eat twice as many!! Then I realize, fuck, I kinda spent a lot, like, quite a bit actually. And now I have fuck all cashola to live off.. So here I am. Poor…. Again. And back on the Abjact povery page. Kate and Mish. FOR EVA.

Also my due to my very successful foray into the lobster dog page on FB and all the accolades that followed, I decided to move most of the content form the abject pov page that began on the book face, and BLOG LIKE A MAD WOMAN SHITTING!!! Or something to that effect…

To clarify, this is what poor month truly is:

A period of time that begins from the time I get drunk and have some kind of a stupid idea, which seams ingenious at the time and will continue until I get bored with the stupid idea and move on to another stupid idea, which may or may not involve dogs in lobster costumes. During this period you can expect infrequent post, most of which were conceived while inebriated. Because drunken posts are the hall mark of a quality page. You can be assured of QUALITY.

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