Our Night

So firstly we combined all the hair dye we had left in our respect houses to dye Mish’s hair. Obviously this was never going to be our Vidal Saloons master piece, but hes dead, SHOW SOME RESPECT! So like it didn’t come out anything like we expected, but ITS DYED DAMNIT !!! even if you have squint really hard to notice the difference. Next we went Kake Di Hatti, sure we spent money, but we also saved money by buying the cheapest thins on the menu! Well almost, we overlooked the cheapest dali, because, lets face it, it tastes like shit. So we went the next cheapest thing on the menu and also learned a valuable lesson. Next time we can cook our own rice at home before we get take out. Yes, we can put that $1.70 and put it towards a latte instead. WHAT A FUCKING REVELATION. Ok so of course we need wine to go with dinner, so off to the bottle o. of course the east is no longer there because its soon to be some kind of super expensive designer apartments so after flipping them off we spotted the glimmer of a glowing VB design. HELLO $5 DOLLAR WINE!!!!!! I will be honest that I have heard of $3 dollar wine, but as this may or may not be an urban myth we settle on paying the bit extra. GET THE TAKE OUT. GO HOME. EAT AND DRINK. NIGHTS AT HOME ARE FUN GODDAMNIT!!!!!!!

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